Club Competitions

The Burrows Shield is competed for throughout the season and is awarded to the club member who has accumulated the most match points (1 for a win, 0.5 for a draw) in matches played against other club members (max 2 games v each member)

The holder of THE BURROWS SHIELD is regarded as the Club Champion throughout the following season.

Club Champions:

2021-22Sean Burton
2019-21Nelson, Ian & Thurstan, Tim (Joint)
2017-18Nelson, Ian
2016Thurstan, Tim
2015Nelson, Ian
2011-14Gardner, Phil
2010Ball, Tony
2009Harris, Mark
2008Ball, Tony
2007Williams, Graham
2005Harris, Mark
2003-04Thurstan, Tim
2002Gardner, Phil
2001Mutton, Ian
1994-95Thurstan, Tim
1993Gardner, Phil & Billingham, J (Joint)
1992Thurstan, Tim
1991Burrows, Anthony
1990Shurrock, David
1989Parrott, Dave
1987-88Thurstan, Tim
1986Foulger, J
1984Pateman, Mark
1983Mahon, K C
1982Presley, L R
1980Cooke, M R
1978Sly, K A
1977West, J
1976Glynne-Jones, J
1974-75White, J N
1973Thurstan, Tim